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Each business is unique, and cookie cutter templates won't work.
That's why you get to choose the option you feel works best for you.

Working 'Lunch" Initial Consult
No strings attached

Brief meet at your location over a menu item of your choosing (B-fast, lunch, dinner, coffee & croissant)


Starter: I'll photograph the meal to show you exactly what you will be getting from me. This allows you to evaluate me and my skills to see if I will be a good fit for your business needs.


Entree: Then we discuss your business and what you photographic needs may be. I will have already assessed your online exposure and will explain the different types of photography and how it may be useful (or harmful) to your business.


.Desert: I post your photos you get to choose if you want any of the photos and if you wish to set up a shoot.


Sampler Platter
No upfront fees

No upfront cost to shoot.

No obligation to buy.

If you like what you see, you can buy what you like.

If you don't like what you see, you don't buy anything.


  • No Shoot fee

  • Price per picture

    • First 1-2 $55 each

    • Next 2 (3-4) $50 each

    • Next 2 (5-6) $40 each

    • Next 2 (6-8) $30 each

    • Any additional $25 each

À la carte
the choice is yours!

The most versatile and cost effective way for you to build out your online presence.

Small flat hourly fee for a hour shoot.  Then you buy individual photos at a time when you want them! 


No obligation to buy anything after initial shoot.  You are able to buy any photo taken at that shoot at anytime for up to 2 years after the shoot.

A great option for boot strap startups, business still evolving their websites, businesses who are unsure of their permanent menu options or rapidly changing menus. 


Affordable enough to allow seasonal updates to you menu's on a regular basis.


  • $125/hour Shoot Fee

  • $25 per photo you choose to download

Prix fixe
Standard Packages

Standard packages to give you the most common photo needed for an e-Commerce platform.

More up front cost than A la Carte but they are done and delivered all at once.

Excellent choice for those with a desire for a big push and who have capital to invest in themselves.


  • Basic eCommerce 10 plain vanilla menu items - $200

  • Social Media Package 12 mixed images (food, ambiance, people, etc.) - $350

  • Universal Web Presence package - $625

Spécialité de la Maison
Custom shoots for specific needs

Specialized shoot on 1 particular topic.  These typically are high end shots for specific advertising or editorial use and may take a full day and may involve additional team members.


These are custom quoted for your unique situation.


  • Varies greatly depending on your needs. Shoot planned out and fee detailed in writing up before agreed upon

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