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Working "Lunch" - No Risk Consult

We will meet at your location over a meal of your choosing (B-fast, lunch, dinner, coffee & croissant . . .)


First I will photograph the meal to show you exactly what you will be getting from me. This allows you to evaluate me and my skills to see if I will be a good fit for your business needs.


Then we discuss your business and what you photographic needs may be. I will assess your online exposure and will explain the different types of photography and how it may be useful (or harmful) to your business.


Later, after I post your photos you get to choose if you want any of the photos and if you wish to set up a shoot.

How it Works

  1. Free on location consult to plan how to make this worthwhile for you.

  2. We'll book a date for me to show up to shoot whatever we agreed on.

  3. I put photo's up in a private gallery on my website where you can review them at your convenience.

  4. You make your selections and purchases and instantly download them directly from the website whenever you so desire, 24/7* for 2 years time.

Typical Styles of Photos


  • Restaurant ambience

    • Exterior approach

    • Dining room

    • Bar


  • Stylized Signature or specialty dish

  • Signature or specialty meal (table setting)

  • Spread of cuisine options

  • Table setting of a full meal

Food & Drinks

  • Stylized Signature or specialty dish

  • HQ individual menu item

  • "Plain Vanilla" individual menu item

Banners & Headers - High Quality HD photo's

  • Stylized HD Banner - Restaurant ambience

    • Exterior approach

    • Dining room

    • Bar

  • Stylized HD Banner - Signature or specialty dish

  • Stylized HD Header - Signature or specialty dish with your logo

* Site stats are 99% uptime. however as with any site there may be be temporarily unavailable due to routine site maintenance or unexpected internet situations beyond my control

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